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Local communities are the bed rock of a nation and a strong community is imperative to building a strong nation. In the last five years we have seen the emergence of a new tribe of professionals- young women and men, who are building and strengthening the community as a whole, through innovation and entrepreneurship. These women and men are go-getters. They are the nation’s emerging leaders of society who are passionate, driven and committed individuals raring to go and determined to leave behind a legacy.

Manifest : The Founders Summit will celebrate this growing community of women and men from across the country who are mostly young Founders of interesting business ventures. With a focus on building interesting communities, the festival aims to be India’s biggest and brightest event for a thinking generation. Manifest offers an independent and credible forum to discuss and debate the future of the nation and to evolve new ideas for a better India.

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The PRomise Foundation

The PRomise Foundation is a not for profit brand created to build communities around emerging themes. It works in the areas of communications, leadership and ideas by building collaborative platforms through media outlets and events.

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Event Capital

Event Capital is an IP specialist company involved in aggregating and consolidating IPs across communities. Event Capital has now stepped on to the digital bandwagon to integrate engaged communities through knowledge and influencer online platforms.

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